My professional background

A native New Englander and a former Environmental Engineer, I switched careers after taking what I thought was a sabbatical from engineering to study counseling and then discovered counseling was a true passion and calling of my heart.

I am licensed in Vermont as a Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor, Michigan as a Licensed Professional Counselor, and Washington as a Licensed Mental Health Counselor. I have both my Masters of Arts in Counseling and my Masters of Divinity from Mars Hill Graduate School, now known as The Seattle School of Theology and Psychology. In 2005, I completed the additional training to become a Certified Sex Addiction Therapist, having studied under Dr. Patrick Carnes and the International Institute for Trauma and Addiction Professionals (IITAP). In 2012, I completed the requirements to become an EMDR trained provider. I have a clinical interest in animal assisted therapy as well as exploring the role family pets play in the family system. In 2015 I began training with psychodrama and experiential therapy modalities. In 2021 I earned my post-master’s certificate for Equine-Assisted Mental Health Practitioner Certificate from the University of Denver. I am an active member of the Vermont Mental Health Counselors Association.

In early 2018, I became the executive director for the Vermont Mental Health Counselors Association.

Personal interests

  • Spending time with my wife and cats
  • Outdoor activities, such as kayaking, backpacking, hiking, and snowshoeing
  • Improving the lives of community cats by assisting with trap-neuter-return (TNR) of feral cats
  • Being creative using various mediums

Nahum, therapy cat in training

Nahum is a big fluffy love of a cat. He’s super curious, playful, and engaging. Nahum was rescued along with his sister from the side of the road when he less than a year old. He came into my life short after he was rescued. His breed remains unknown, but he resembles a Maine Coon, Norwegian Forest Cat, or Siberian. He is a little over 13 years old and has some arthritis in his lower back which slows him down and diabetes, which is well managed. He offers a lovely, warm, affectionate presence to the office. He will be eager to greet you at the door!

Marvin, the (former) therapy cat

Sadly, Marvin passed away in 2019 after his brief career as a therapy cat. After being rescued from the street in 2015, he occasionally spent time in my office as a therapy cat. His lineage is unknown, however, he appeared to be a purebred Havana Brown, which is basically a chocolate colored Siamese. He added a playful, warm presence to the office. He was very friendly, easygoing, personable, and loved to play fetch with his sparkle ball. He was small in stature but large in personality, he is missed by all who knew him.

I realize some people are allergic to cats and some may prefer not to have an animal present, therefore, before bringing him into a session, I will always inquire with you regarding your preference for having him present or not. Please do not hesitate to share your preference regarding having a cat present.