10 years of Redeeming Stories!

Redeeming Stories, came into existence ten years ago this June. Ten years! Wow! Where does the time go?!

Ten years of helping people redeem their life stories, which so often get corrupted by abuse, neglect, addiction, trauma, and all sorts of other challenges. Ten years of helping people tear down their walls and live into more fulfilling lives – filled with more emotional, spiritual, and sexual intimacy, joy, grace, and oodles of self-compassion. Ten years of celebrating progress and triumphs and ten years of shedding tears of sadness and pain.

I have learned a lot in tens years. One such learning that stands out, is seeing how incredible resilient the human heart is. We are an adaptive people who figure out ways to get through intense hardships. Sometimes the scars from these experiences can hold us back from living into life’s full potential. In the ten years of helping people work through these hardships, I have found that as the old wounds heal, new life springs forth. The heart remains soft and tender under the built-up protective wall.

My heartfelt thanks to everyone who has honored me with your story. Some I have walked with for years and others only a day or two. Each journey, regardless of length of time, I treasure and honor, as each of our unique stories are precious. Thank you for ten great years!

– Phil

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