maximizing your therapy

A few thoughts on how to maximize your therapy experience.

Prior to first session:

  • Complete the required paperwork prior to the session. Note any questions you have about information presented in the paperwork
  • Spend some time and write down what your specific therapy goals are. Here are a few questions to consider when writing your goals:  What specific issues are you wanting to work on in therapy? (e.g. depression, anxiety) How do you want your life to be different post-therapy? (e.g. would like to have more motivation to get things done that I want to do and I want to feel less anxiety when talking with groups of people.)
  • Write down what questions you have so you will be sure to remember to get them all addressed in the first session.

At the first session:

  • Arrive on time. Give yourself enough time to find the office and settle in the waiting room before the scheduled session.
  • Bring all completed forms to the first session.
  • Bring your written therapy goals and questions.
  • Bring payment – fees are due at the time of service.

 Ongoing sessions:

  • Ask questions! If you are confused or need more information about something, please ask.
  • Sometime shortly after each therapy session, write about your therapy experience in your journal. Notice how you feel. Any new insights? Did any emotions arise from the session? I often make recommendations about particular topics to consider in your journal writing. Your journal will function as a place to process thoughts and feelings as well as to record your progress.
  • If you have a particular topic, concern or question you would like to address, please share it at the start of our work so we have time to address it.

At the final session:

  • If possible, please notify me in advance that it will be out last session. Preferably at least one week’s notice although if we have been working together for an extended period of time, then a few weeks notice. This allows us time for closing our work together where we will review your progress over the course of our work together and we’ll discuss recommendations for future work. Please know, that even though I request to have notice prior to ending so we can have time for closure, you have the right to terminate therapy whenever you wish with or without prior notice.
  • Before coming to the last session, take some time to reflect back over the course of the therapy. Review your original therapy goals and compare with how you view you are now. What progress did you make? What areas do you feel still need further work?

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